Heart Surgery at The Medical City Iloilo

Looking for heart surgery in Iloilo? It is indeed important to provide only the best for your loved one.   Before, when a loved one needs special cardiovascular attention, the efforts are inconceivable. Imagine lengthy transportation measures, expensive fees, and general discomfort on your family’s part. Now, a world class cardiovascular center is now in Iloilo City.

Heart Surgery in Iloilo

The Medical City Iloilo, as one of the country’s premiere authorities in health care, aims to pursue quality especially in the field of cardiovascular wellness. When it comes to heart surgery in Iloilo, TMCI is now a world class cardiovascular center. It is the only in the whole of Western Visayas with an advance Cardiac and Vascular Catheterization Laboratory. The Laboratory was established to perform minimally invasive procedures that utilize state of the art technology in diagnosing cardiac problems. Moreover, the laboratory is headed by respected names in cardiovascular medicine. With the cutting-edge technology, competitive expertise and minimally invasive procedures, TMCI knows safety by heart.

Why do physicians call for heart surgery? Cardiac problems, coronary or valvular, need immediate attention. The heart is a fragile organ in the body and is vital enough to keep the body functioning. Moreover, congenital defects and vascular problems also call for urgent intervention. TMCI deeply cares to provide a solution to such cardiac and vascular problems and made previously far away services available right here in Iloilo. Thus, heart surgery in Iloilo is now accessible.

What can TMCI do? The Cardiac and Vascular Catheterization Laboratory performs cardiac catheterization and coronary interventions including coronary angiography, right and left heart catheterization, valvular and congenital defect studies, pacemaker implantation/insertion, percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, and balloon valvuloplasty. The Cath Lab also offers vascular/peripheral radiology which includes arteriography, diagnostic and interventional radiology. To add, cardiovascular surgery is also made available for procedures such as artery bypass graft for coronary artery disease, valvular repair for valvular heart disease, closed heart surgery and open heart surgery for congenital heart disease, and vascular surgery for conditions such as aortic aneurysm and peripheral arterial occlusive disease. TMCI also boasts to be the first in Western Visayas to perform open heart surgery in Iloilo.

In addition, the laboratory also offers one hour diagnostic and interventional procedures such as coronary angiogram and left heart catheterization, hemodynamic studies/right heart catheterization, temporary pacemaker insertion, and discography-visualization of the intervertebral discs of the spinal column. Two-hour interventional procedures such as percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty/percutaneous coronary intervention, permanent pacemaker implantation, intra-aortic balloon pump insertion, percutaneous trans-biliary drainage, 4D DSA four vessel digital subtraction angiogram, and trans-arterial chemoembolization (TACE) are also available .

What is Cardiac and Vascular Catheterization? At TMCI Catheterization Laboratory, experts aim for minimally invasive procedures and use small catheters introduced through a small puncture to access the heart, coronary arteries, arteries to the brain and other organs to treat abnormalities. The procedures are carried out by state of the art technology that assures precision and safety.

The Medical City, with the array of services offered especially in making heart surgery in Iloilo possible, is committed to a patient partnership philosophy geared towards total wellness. TMCI is located at Locsin Street, Brgy. Tap-oc,  Molo, Iloilo City, Philippines.


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